The Endocannibinoid System and the Body

The endocannabinoid system plays a major role in keeping the body healthy and balanced.

The discovery of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the greatest discoveries in the science of the health sciences. A new model of healing is emerging to understand health and wellness in a more integrated and holistic way. Holistic healing implies that the body, energy, emotions and mind are all part of an interconnected whole.  Everything in the universe is made up of universal life force energy, that up until the moment before the big bang, existed in a largely undifferentiated state. As Einstein’s work revealed, E= Mc2, thus matter is also energy in a more condensed and crystallized form.

Basically, holistic theory at it’s core asserts that everything comes from this one source, I am using the term Universal life force energy to represent the energy from this mysterious source that is the foundation for life and ecosystems.

Body Systems

More or less in order of discovery and of increasing subtlety, these are the bodies main systems:

  1. Skeletal system
  2. Muscular system
  3. Vascular and Circulatory system
  4. Digestive and Urinary systems
  5. Lymphatic system
  6. Endocrine system
  7. Nervous system (divided into central and peripheral nervous systems)
  8. Immune system
  9. Endocannabinoid System

The ECS responds to the information in all of the other systems, and gives real time feedback by controlling the flow of energy and information to and from these systems via incoming (afferent nerve pathways) and outgoing (efferent nerve pathways) signals in the nervous system that are wired into every other system in the body. The ECS also regulates the sensory information of the outside world to a center of consciousness in the middle of the brain in the third ventricle area, and it regulates the firing rate and neural tone in the outgoing nerves via both voluntary and involuntary components of the nervous system.

Due to this configuration, the ECS is the master system of moving towards homeostasis in the body and mind, via the control systems that are wired into the brain and nervous system. Further, through the connection to the immune system, it monitors for injury and inflammation and when things are in proper balance, it addresses the inflammation and begins the process of healing the body.

This is at the very heart of the magic of the ECS and also the means to discovering your own inner healing potential and directing your own healing process. There is healing energy inherent in all living beings, particularly in humans, due to the increased capacity of the human nervous system to be self aware in comparison to animal species.

The body can be looked at in a number of ways: the understanding of universal life force energy that was built into ancient intuitive revelations about the functioning of the body at the level of universal energy, such as the revelation of the meridian systems; the chakra and channel systems; and the shamanic understanding of the body as being related to a spiritual energy field that includes contact with the ancestors and the spirit guides are esoteric ways of understanding what is the mind/body complex.

I am going to wrap up this section with the story of the well known placebo effect, in order to demonstrate that your mind has a lot more influence on your body, health and wellness than you might believe. In virtually every “double blind” study I read in medical school, there was a significant placebo effect. This is the favorite type of study to include in your presentation and is considered more scientific than so called anecdotal evidence. The scenario is that you have 100 subjects with a disease condition or pathology, and half get the sugar pill or placebo pill, while the other 50% get what is hoped to be a therapeutic substance in a pill or dosage.  Everyone is given the same information about the nature and possible side effects of the active agent, but no one is told which pill they will receive, and the clinical research staff who are administering the placebo or therapeutic agent in question, also do not know which subjects are getting placebo.  The result is that the placebo group has a much better healing rate compared to the natural history of the disease if you just keep taking the same medications or treatments, if any, that you are already on.  Essentially, the expectation that you might be getting a helpful therapy is enough for the mind/body complex to access the innate healing potential within.  And the ECS is a vital part of implementing and enhancing this mode of self healing and health maintenance.

Two of the reasons why CBD is so celebrated are 1. It has an extremely good safety profile and 2. It appears to enhance the bodies ability to reduce inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is the starting point of most chronic diseases and ailments from Covid to MS, and from arthritis to Alzheimer’s.  The range of conditions that CBD and other cannabinoids may be useful  for is extremely diverse and far ranging.

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