Michael Soo, MD

Born in Clinton, NC, the son of Physicians Dixie Lee Soo, MD and L Y Soo, MD. His mother is also from Clinton, NC and his father was originally from Jiangsu province and moved to NC to attend UNC Chapel Hill and then Wake Forest School of Medicine where he met Dixie.

After completing Undergraduate studies at Duke University and Medical School at Wake Forest University, Michael completed his neurology residency at the University of Pittsburgh, and a fellowship at Duke University. He is board certified in Neurology and has a subspecialty board certification in sleep medicine. Michael practiced neurology and sleep medicine in Durham NC for 22 years.

After a spiritual awakening event at a meditation retreat in Sept 2001, he began to study and pursue alternative healing systems including acupuncture, biofield energy therapy, Reiki, medical qigong and other modalities and systems. This was integrated into his neurology practice for some of his patients.

Further spiritual study, prayer and meditation led to further healing experiences, and led him to see the potential of plant medicine to work with the body naturally, as well as to potentially facilitate emotional and physical healing in the context of a holistic approach to health that includes not only physical health, but the importance of emotional and spiritual health and how they are intimately connected to physical and mental health. The conventional medical system did not allow for Dr. Soo to continue to progress as a holistic practitioner, therefor he decided to leave mainstream medicine to further train and develop as a holistic healer and practitioner. He continues to apply a contemplative and holistic approach to health maintenance and healing, and to understand and elucidate the connection between the soul, emotions, the mind, and the physical body, and how this can apply to healthcare and wellness.

Michael is a strong proponent of plant medicine and particularly the tremendous potential cannabis has for health and wellness, when applied properly.

As part of the NuTrac Hemp, Happy Llama Hemp Company, and Skyline Botanical teams, he is involved in the formulations of the product line, and continues to follow the latest scientific developments in the field to produce a line of products of consistently high quality under the legal framework in Virginia.

Michael envisions a future in which plant medicine is better understood and accepted, and in which information about the healing properties of cannabis and other plant medicines is more readily available for a wide variety of conditions.