Happy New Year Everyone!

The holidays are a great time to reflect on everything from the year past and the meaning of our lives. And definitely, don’t forget about contemplating how to live happier in 2023! For Llamas, it’s all about a good lifestyle and a healthy attitude. So, here’s hoping you find the right herd, a sunny pasture and some clean water for starters. Then follow the Llama creed:


Love your herd,
Laugh at yourself
Adjust your attitude in a positive way &,
most importantly, smile like a llama


Then decrease inflammation and stimulate your endocannabinoid system (ECS)! Remember from our past blogs, the ECS is the lock and cannabinoids are the key to strengthening the ECS. And I’ll pass on a little secret – your very own endocannabinoid system will help you live the llama creed.

Cannabis Thoughts

As a llama on the introspective side of things, I like to think about cannabis, CBD, CBG, Delta-8 and the other cannabinoids in hemp from a multidisciplinary angle with a healthy dose of the traditional sciences. But also informed by plant medicine lore, philosophy, archeology, comparative cultural and religious studies, and never one to discount the cosmic nature of the universe, I add a healthy dollop of oneness philosophy.

Llamas don’t like to put themselves in boxes.p Our cat friends do, and we don’t mind, but we prefer ruminating in sunny wide-open spaces.p Hopefully I can explore these angles in my blog’s this year.

Holy Mother

What can I say about the ECS and how it applies to your llama lifestyle? It does depend on you, but the lifestyles many of you are leading means you can probably benefit from working with your ECS on a regular basis. The range of benefits is wide and deep, and because it is experiential, you can learn from the Cannabis plant by simply noticing the benefits in yourself. And talk about holistic! It comes from mother nature herself as plant medicine (Genesis 1:29).

Reviewing the potential benefits as sited by studies and testimonials: 1) CBD can decrease inflammation in the body, 2) CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids can decrease pain in the body without stimulating the opioid system, 3) CBD and other cannabinoids can decrease anxiety and improve mood through the ability to regulate multiple neural networks balancing and equilibrating a variety of neurotransmitter systems such as dopaminergic, serotonergic, noradrenergic, and others.

Find the Balance

In a very natural and more balanced way than by targeting one neurotransmitter system when you use a pharmaceutically engineered medicine like serotonin reuptake inhibitors (sertraline aka Zoloft, fluoxetine aka Prozac or citalopram aka Celexa). Take advantage of the retrograde (going upstream) action of the ECS to give yourself a little space and perspective and then apply #3 of the llama creed and voila! A positive attitude adjustment is within your reach.

A strong ECS in most llamas leads to being able to dial it back more easily, as well giving the body a way of giving feedback to your immune system and other systems. The theme here is that the ECS is a built-in way to bring equilibrium to your physiological systems when it is healthy. And there is a growing chorus of llamas who have come to believe that the anointing oil recipe ingredient in Exodus 30:22-23 translated as Calamus in the King James and other versions comes from the Hebrew ‘Kaneh’, or it may be of Scythian origin incorporated into Hebrew ‘Kaneh Bosm’. And Kaneh Bosm is most likely the root of the word ‘Cannabis’. If true, then what was once reserved for priests, prophets and kings is now available to responsible adult llamas of all shapes, backgrounds and sizes.

Every Llama is indeed different, so you may be a CBD-before-bedtime llama, a CBD-twice-a-day llama, a Delta-8 llama, or Delta-8 by day and CBD by night. Whatever you start out with, pay attention to your own results and how you feel, and you will be on the path of learning about your ECS and how it can be a part of a happier, healthier 2023.

Conclusion in Poetry

I will leave you with one of my favorite poets, Ogden Nash:


The Llama’s guide to Llama Pichu

A land of unlimited happiness and magical sunsets high in the mountains

The Llama’s Prayer

Love your herd

Live your life

Smile and be happy

(Because Llamas are born with big hearts)


Many llama blessings now and throughout the year

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