Welcome to our website! The main goal is to shed light on the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and how the story of the discovery is tied into the history of the Cannabis plant, and how researchers were led to discover Cannabinoids, and subsequently the ECS. Cannabinoids act like messengers or keys that unlock the receptors of the Endocannabinoid system. This in turn allows the ECS to maintain proper function in the body’s many systems.

Why is this an extremely relevant topic? For several reasons, and I will list three here:

First, the Endocannabinoid system, while still an emerging discovery, has already been shown to be the master system that regulates and seeks to establish homeostasis within the bodies multiple systems. Along with the immune system and nervous system, the ECS detects injuries and pathogens, and then directs the body to repair injuries, repel pathogens and ultimately to heal the body. 

Second, it is a bridge that creates a connection between the modern scientific approach and the ancient intuitive approaches to health and wellness that existed, and still exists today in the shamanic, yogic, daoist, and other traditions. The holistic and energy medicine approaches to health and wellness combines the whole self including the thoughts, emotions and lifestyle choices. The ECS provides a mechanism as to how the mind, emotions and body are intimately linked together.

Third, you have a latent and amazing ability to heal. BUT, this self healing power is hidden, particularly if you are living a high stress lifestyle. The good news: Your self-healing power can be much better utilized and even increased more than you think possible, through the power of awareness and mind-body healing practices and healthy routines. And for most people, plant medicine using cannabinoids can be a key factor in utilizing this inner healing energy which works through the ECS, the Nervous systems and the immune system to transmit healing energy to literally every cell in the body.

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